One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was realizing that I don't need to learn every chord in order to play every song. Once I learned how to use a capo, I went from being able to play in only a few keys to every key. Using a capo requires you to transpose from the key of the song to the key of the chord forms you decide to use, which is the goal of this tool. To use this tool, you first select the key of the song, using either the key signature if you're using sheet music or knowing the root chord. Then, you can select what chord form you'd like to use. Then you place the capo at the indicated fret, and play the right column chord while reading the left column. The roman numerals represent the chord in relation to the root chord, which is helpful once you've learned how to transpose.

First select the original key:

Keys with Sharps

Keys with Flats